Confirmation of your session is made a day prior to your scheduled appointment.

Each session is customized for you. For those sessions that require a skin lubricant, you can choose oil, lotion, or cream.

For a first time session, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to fill out intake paperwork, including a medical history. If possible, we may send you an intake form ahead of time for you to fill out at your leisure. Please bring the completed form with you to your scheduled appointment.

Please try not to have eaten within 2 hours of your session.

Your personal privacy is always respected. You are always covered and draped with towels or sheets, and only the body part being worked on is exposed. The genitals are never exposed or touched. You undress to your comfort level; you may undress completely or you may leave your underwear on.

For shiatsu sessions, you are dressed the entire time. Please wear loose comfortable clothing.

Your privacy and confidentiality are maintained at all times.

You are treated with respect and dignity, and personal and professional boundaries are respected at all times.

If for any reason something feels uncomfortable, the technique or session can be altered or stopped completely. On the other hand, if something feels wonderful, just tell the therapist and they can work in that area longer.

During a session, your body can be positioned in several ways: Supine (lying on your back), Prone (lying on your stomach), Side Lying (on either side), or Seated.

We have the Right of Refusal to treat anyone who has contraindications for bodywork, is impaired by alcohol or drugs, has an infectious illness, pushes for treatment outside our scope of practice, or behaves inappropriately. The services we provide are therapeutic, non-sexual treatments. We can refer to appropriate specialists if the work required is not within our scope of practice, is unable to be performed by us, and/or not in your best interest.

It's all about feeling better!