The Bodyworks

Deep Tissue

Very popular among New Yorkers. As we go through life, the body tends to hold onto unwanted stress. This table session will help undo these holding patterns in deep down layers. Slow deep breathing may be needed. Caution: You may come out a new person.

CranioSacral Therapy

This gentle therapy focuses on correcting imbalances in the connective tissues in and around your brain and spinal cord. Just as we can have stress in our muscles, stress in the tissues of the central nervous system puts pressure on our vital cranial nerves. This can affect all of our biological functions and cause discomfort and loss of function of unknown origin. This profound therapy is for adults, infants and children, especially those with learning disabilities, colic, digestive problems, vision disorders and hyperactivity challenges.

Medical Massage

This table session is aimed at condition specific work. We all get hurt at some point, whether from being a weekend warrior or from repetitive stress injuries. This type of therapy works along side proper medical treatment and is not a substitute for care from a qualified provider. Many soft tissue conditions today are treated with medications, but can be relieved with massage. You have options.

Prenatal Massage

The joys of being pregnant are joined with the ongoing changes of the expectant mother’s body. As the body expands here, it tightens there, things pull and stretch. In this safe, gentle and effective table session, the mother gets a well deserved rest. Special cushions and positioning are used and you may even get to lie comfortably on your belly. Relief is here.


Ahhh . . . a good foot rub! Based on ancient wisdom, the whole body and its systems are mapped out in the feet. By working the feet, we work the whole body: the macrocosm in the microcosm. Leave feeling like you’re walking on air.


A spiritual dance based on ancient Japanese tradition. This mat session is enjoyed fully clothed. Pulling, pushing, twisting, rocking, helping to harmonize the dynamic balance of yin and yang. Our life force energy, the root of our being, returns home to a natural state. Calm. Rested. Revitalized. Gassho.

Sports Massage

For the active person, amateur or professional athlete alike, this table session helps enhance athletic or work-a-day performance. Reduce tone, increase tone and balance muscle groups for the perfect working body. Be ready for the game.

Swedish Massage

The source of western massage. This table session will melt away stress and leave you feeling refreshed. A lighter touch is used for those with lower pressure tolerances. It’s time to let go.

It's all about feeling better!