About Human Bodyworks

Carl Carvalho, LMTHuman Bodyworks Massage Therapy, PC was founded by Carl Carvalho, NYS Licensed Massage Therapist and CranioSacral Therapist.

Carl’s first encounter with bodywork was when he was a teenager. He injured his knee during a soccer match and was treated by a western doctor for “water on the knee.” The injury lingered. Carl was also a member of a Portuguese running club, Lar Dos Le├Ás (Den of Lions), in Newark, NJ. Before a meet, he was brought in to see a bodyworker employed by the club. Carl’s knee problem was explained to this elderly gentleman in Portuguese (Carl does not speak Portuguese). The man worked deeply around the knee and under the patella (knee cap). A short time later a very distinct tissue release occurred under the patella. When Carl got off the table, the knee was pain free for the first time in a long time. The injury never returned.

Since then, for his whole adult life, Carl has received bodywork. He has met and worked with many talented practitioners, including modern dancer and massage therapist, Bill Hedberg.

Around 1993, while struggling with personal obstacles, Carl further discovered the beneficial healing qualities of massage, bodywork and herbal medicine. A few years later, when on vacation in the Yucatan, he and his wife became friends with Daniel Pool Pech, a local Mayan shaman and massage therapist. Inspired by Daniel and Bill, Carl studied at the Ohashi Institute for his first formal training in bodywork, shiatsu and Traditional Chinese Medicine. He then went on to graduate top of his class at the Swedish Institute, the oldest and one of the most prestigious massage schools in the country.

Carl continued his training, studying CranioSacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release, at The Upledger Institute. These studies included training in pediatrics, and Carl has discovered great joy working with infants and children.

Carl is also an expert on stretching and shares this knowledge with his clients to help them ease pain, increase flexibility and have more energy.

Having overcome his own obstacles with alternative medicine, Carl is dedicated to creating bodywork sessions customized for you. He works with newborns to adults of all ages and has helped them heal, recover, balance and overcome their own health challenges.

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