The human body has an amazing ability to heal itself. It does work, but it often needs help in getting over obstacles that block its way.

That’s what I do here at Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy. I am a facilitator that assists the body to work through these challenges to heal, to recover and to regain balance. I have a lot of technique to rely upon. My work is medically grounded and is fine tuned with an energetic touch.

As a client recently commented, “Carl’s subtly of touch can really fine tune a muscle” and “he went into the problem areas without me even telling him where they were!” I often feel like I am working with clay–living clay–like a modeler, to re-shape and re-mold the tissue, releasing blockages and toxins. The body is then able to relax and heal.

Human Bodyworks Massage Therapy

It’s all about feeling better!